Communications and Data Wiring in Colorado and New Mexico

communication Systems - Valley Electric - Colorado
Data Systems - Valley Electric - Colorado
Valley Electric isn't just about power. Communications is a vital part of nearly any operation, and we can assist you in selecting the equipment and infrastructure to suit your organization's specific needs. Valley Electric has extensive experience in all areas of communications, including fiber optic installations, cable, and wireless systems. From small offices to large-scale complexes with multiple facilities, Valley Electric can provide the depth of understanding needed to identify both challenges and solutions associated with both internal and external communications issues. Whatever your communications needs - telephone systems, intercoms, PA systems, and more - Valley Electric is ready to work with you to design and install the system that's right for you.

Some examples of our communications include:
  • Fiber optic for networks and long distance
  • Qwest - Infrastructure for customer payments and orders
  • Sun Edison - Communications infrastructure for solar photovoltaic field
  • Phones and networking for SLV Regional Hospital

Data and Network Infrastructure

Information is vital to nearly every enterprise, and managing it is critical to success. Valley Electric can help you set up your information infrastructure so that data is where it's needed, when it's needed. Whether you're building a smart home or creating a network for your commercial enterprise, Valley Electric has the expertise and skilled personnel to satisfy your data and networking needs.

Data isn't just about connecting computers. From "smart homes," at-a-distance climate control and surveillance systems, and solar power installations involving advanced fiber-optic measurement and control capabilities, Valley Electric has gone beyond traditional computer network installation into cutting-edge data applications. We specialize in structured media, which handles all phone, data, TV, security, and other applications.